COVID-19 info...

Hi there! We miss you already and will continue to do so through April 30th as we understand. Wondering about your appointment!? Your stylist, therapist, technician or esthetician will be contacting you personally by phone call or message to discuss appointment options/a game plan moving forward. It is important to us that you receive a personal message or call, we will touch base soon. It will be nice to talk! If you have questions, concerns or need assistance reaching your stylist...use the contact us page or call 765-284-6100 and access our voicemail system.

In the meantime, we are thinking on how we can continue to service our guests while supporting our team and the business as a whole. Safe and efficient solutions for your hair, skin and nails are available. If you need product, simply email us at We appreciate your support and will do our best to keep you looking on the up and up from afar. ;-)

There is no greater priority than the safety of our community during this time. … stay in!, do your best to enjoy time with those at home and be well. 

From all of us @parlour we send love and support to those who continue to offer essential services, placing themselves and loved ones at risk. We appreciate each and every one of you and are determined to do our part!